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2011 The Evacuation of Planet Earth

Written By:G. Cope Schellhorn - 1997

  • 2011  The Evacuation of Planet Earth - G. Cope Schellhorn cover


At a time when political corruption and social unrest have undermined the democratic process, shortly after a limited nuclear exchange, the almost unthinkable come to pass: the Great Accident (a large asteroid impact) followed soon after by the Great Catastrophe (a shifting of the Earth's axis). 2011 is the account of Jason Riddle, his wife Janine, and a hardy band of neighbors intent on survival in the woods of Wisconsin during a time when the world seems to have gone mad. Few survive. Fewer than 144,000 are saved. But those that are rescued by the heretofore unknown good samaritans from the sky find that they face a fantastic future almost as demanding as the trials they have already experienced.