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Afterlight Alex Scarrow2010technology
Against the Fall of Night Arthur C. Clarke1953war
Black Easter James Blish1968supernatural
Black Flame, The Stanley G. Weinbaum1939pestilence
Book of Dave, The Will Self2005deludge
City and the Stars, The Arthur C. Clarke1956war
City of the Dead Brian Keene2005zombies
Clade Mark Budz2003deludge
Cloud Atlas David Mitchell2004war
Conqueror Worms, The
Earthworm Gods
 Brian Keene2006deludge
Cowl Neal Asher2004war
Crache Mark Budz2004deludge
Cygnis Vincent Gessler2010unspecified
Dark and Hollow Places, The Carrie Ryan2011zombies
Day After Judgment, The James Blish1971supernatural
Dead, The Mark E. Rogers1989zombies
Dead-Tossed Waves, The Carrie Ryan2010zombies
Deadlands Scott A. Johnson2005zombies
Deus X Norman Spinrad1993extraterrestrial
Dog Eat Dog David J. Rodger2010pestilence
Doomsday Plus Twelve James D. Forman1984war
Drain Davis Schneiderman2010extraterrestrial
Dust Charles Pellegrino1998extraterrestrial
End Of The Dream, The Philip Wylie1972extraterrestrial
Extinction is Forever Louise Lawrence1990war
Fear of Gravity [Garden Where My Rains Grows, The] Brian Keene2005deludge
Fifth Sacred Thing, The Starhawk1993extraterrestrial
Fitzpatrick's War Theodore Judson2004extraterrestrial
Flight of the Horse Larry Niven1973war
Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Carrie Ryan2009zombies
Full Circle Michael Boyle2003pestilence
Girl Who Owned a City, The O. T. Nelson1975pestilence
Goodness Gene, The Sonia Levitin2005war
Hare Moon Carrie Ryan2011zombies
Host, The Stephenie Meyer2008extraterrestrial
Humanoid Touch, The Jack Williamson1980technology
Humanoids, The Jack Williamson1949technology
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream Harlan Ellison1967war
Ice Schooner, The Michael Moorcock1969extraterrestrial
Ill Wind Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason
Inconstant Moon Larry Niven1973cosmic
Incredible Tide, The Alexander Key1970war
Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America Robert Charles Wilson2009social
Killing Moon, The Rod Glenn2009pestilence
Last Canadian, The William C. Heine1974pestilence
Last Light Alex Scarrow2007technology
Last Revolution, The Lord Dunsany1951technology
Life After War Angela White2010war
Machine Stops, The E. M. Forster1947technology
Mara and Dann: An Adventure Doris Lessing1998drought
Memoirs of a Survivor Doris Lessing1974war
Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, The Roger Williams2002technology
Metro 2033 Dmitry Glukhovsky2009war
Moderan David R. Bunch1971war
Moon Maid, The Edgar Rice Burroughs1923unknown
Moon Men, The Edgar Rice Burroughs1925extraterrestrial
Moonbane Al Sarrantonio1989cosmic
Mr. Adam Pat Frank1948war
Night Land Volume Two, The William Hope Hodgson1912cosmic
Night Land: A Love Tale, The William Hope Hodgson1912cosmic
Night Shift [Night Surf] Stephen King1974pestilence
Night Work Thomas Glavinic2008unknown
Oblivion Society, The Marcus Alexander Hart2007war
Oryx and Crake Margaret Atwood2003extraterrestrial
Pandemia JohnathanRand
Christopher Knight
Pebble in the Sky Isaac Asimov1950war
Pesthouse, The Jim Crace2007war
Re: Colonised Planet 5: Shikasta Doris Lessing1979war
Rising, The Brian Keene2003zombies
Robopocalypse Daniel H. Wilson2011technology
Second Variety Philip K. Dick1953war
Slaves To The Metal Horde Milton Lesser1954war
Small-Minded Giants Oisn McGann2006extraterrestrial
Snow, The Adam Roberts2004extraterrestrial
Stark Ben Elton1989extraterrestrial
Story of General Dann and Mara's Daughter, The Doris Lessing2005drought
Taking, The Dean Koontz2004supernatural
This Other Eden Ben Elton1993extraterrestrial
Transall Saga, The Gary Paulsen1998pestilence
Two Journeys Clemens P. Suter2010pestilence
Valley-Westside War, The Harry Turtledove2008war
Wanting Seed, The Anthony Burgess1956blight
Wild Harbour Ian MacPherson1936war
Windup Girl, The Paolo Bacigalupi2009extraterrestrial
World Jones Made, The Philip K. Dick1956war
World Out of Time, A Larry Niven1976cosmic
Worlds that Weren't [Shikari in Galveston] S. M. Stirling2003cosmic
Year of the Flood, The Margaret Atwood2009extraterrestrial



H. M. Hoover

Children of Morrow1 1973  
Treasures of Morrow2 1976  



Justin Cronin

Passage, The1 2010  
Twelve, The2 2012  



Octavia Butler

Patternmaster1 1976  
Mind of My Mind2 1977  
Survivor3 1978  
Wild Seed4 1980  
Clay's Ark5 1984  



Jeff Carlson

Plague Year1 2007  
Plague War2 2008  
Plague Zone3 2009  



Ann Aguirre

Enclave1 2011  
Outpost2 2012  
Endurance3 2012  



James W. Rawles

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse1 1998  
Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse2 2011  
Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse3 2012  



John Christopher

When the Tripods Came1 1988  
White Mountains, The2 1967  
City of Gold and Lead, The3 1967  
Pool of Fire, The4 1968  



Scott Westerfeld

Uglies1 2005  
Pretties2 2005  
Specials3 2006  
Extras4 2007  
Aftermath John Russell Fearn1996unknown?
Alter Sphere: Megamorphis Sandy S. Ayala2001unknown?
And Battles Long Ago Donald E. W. Howells1993unknown?
Cascade Empire, The Esther M. G. Smith1989unknown?
Encores in Fade William J. Lambert III1981unknown?
Ende: A Diary of the Third World War Anton-Andrew Guha1986unknown?
Firechild Jack Williamson1986unknown?
Fourth State, The Rick Jackson2002unknown?
Freedom Convoy Chola Mahes1993unknown?
I Remember When They Took Her Mario Watts2002unknown?
Jason and the Astronauts Karl Klyne1981unknown?
Joshua Factor, The Donald Clayton1986unknown?
Life on Sundowner: New Beginning Johnathan Stillwell2002unknown?
Malachi's Vision Norman Lewis Smith2003unknown?
Mall, Mayhem and Magic Holly Lisle
Chris Guin
Mars... The Challenge for Survival Ronald A. Keneske2004unknown?
Navigating the Terror John Hyatt2000unknown?
Playing the Game Doris Lessing1993unknown?
Precipice Bob Langley1991unknown?
Revenge of the Infinigons, The Daniel Kreymer2003unknown?
Through Eyes of Shiva R. A. Hawkins2002unknown?
Welcome to the Future Alexander Rigual2004unknown?
Your Brain Is Not Your Own Rich Zubaty2002unknown?
After the Flames Elizabeth Mitchell1985anthologyanthology
Afterwar Anthology
Janet Morris
Apocalypse Reader, The Justin Taylor2007anthologyanthology
Armageddons Jack Dann (Editor)
Gardner R. Dozois (Editor)
Bangs and Whimpers James Frenkel1999anthologyanthology
Beyond Armageddon Walter M. Miller Jr.1985waranthology
Catastrophes! Anthology1981anthologyanthology
Challenges Ben Bova1993anthologyanthology
Children of the Dust Louise Lawrence1985anthologyanthology
Countdown to Midnight H. Bruce Franklin1984waranthology
Dark Between the Stars, The Poul Anderson1981anthologyanthology
Dragons of Springplace, The Robert Reed1999anthologyanthology
Einstein' s Monsters Martin Amis1987waranthology
End of the World, The Anthology
Donald A. Wollheim
End of the World, The Martin H. Greenberg
Eric S. Rabkin
Joseph D. Olander
Evil Earths Anthology
Brian Aldiss
Far Side of Nowhere, The Nelson S. Bond2002anthologyanthology
Fiddler Fair Mercedes Lackey1998anthologyanthology
Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce Ambrose Bierce1964anthologyanthology
Gravity's Angels Michael Swanwick1991anthologyanthology
In Alien Flesh Gregory Benford1986anthologyanthology
Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique, The John Pelan1999anthologyanthology
Last Man on Earth, The Anthology
Isaac Asimov
Legends of the Night Stephen Mark Rainey2002anthologyanthology
New Skies Patrick Nielsen Hayden2003anthologyanthology
No Direction Home Norman Spinrad1975anthologyanthology
Nuclear War Gregory Benford1988waranthology
Perseids and Other Stories, The Robert Charles Wilson1998anthologyanthology
Personal Demons Christopher Fowler1998anthologyanthology
Phoenix From the Ashes Carl B. Yoke1987anthologyanthology
Prayers to Broken Stones Dan Simmons1990anthologyanthology
Rare Anthology, The Brian Knight2001anthologyanthology
Storm Warnings Eric S. Rabkin
Colin Greenland
George E. Slusser
Strange Travelers Gene Wolfe1999anthologyanthology
Tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Steven Henderson2000anthologyanthology
Terror Incognita Jeffrey Thomas2000anthologyanthology
This Side of Heaven Robert E. Mandel2001anthologyanthology
Time and Stars Poul Anderson1965anthologyanthology
Frights of Fancy J. N. Williamson2000athnologyathnology
Revelations Douglas E. Winter1996athnologyathnology
Apocalypse and Science Fiction Frederick A. Kreuziger1982criticismcriticism
Cataclysm, The Ernest C. Pollard1988criticismcriticism
Imagining Apocalypse: Studies in Cultural Crisis David Seed1999criticismcriticism
In a Dark Time Joseph Dewey1990criticismcriticism
Letter Bomb Peter Schwenger1992criticismcriticism
New Worlds For Old David Ketterer1974criticism criticism
Rhetoric of Antinuclear Fiction Patrick Mannix1992criticismcriticism
Way to Ground Zero, The Martha A. Bartter1989criticismcriticism
Dead Heat Del Stone Jr.1996pestilencefanastical
Taming, The Heather Spears1996warfanastical



Terry Brooks

First King of Shannara0 1996  

Doomsday Warrior


Ryder Stacy
Jan Stacy

Doomsday Warrior1 1984  
Red America2 1984  
Last American, The3 1984  
Bloody America4 1985  
America's Last Declaration5 1985  
American Rebellion6 1985  
American Defiance7 1986  
American Glory8 1986  
America's Zero Hour9 1986  
American Nightmare10 1987  
American Eden11 1987  
Death, American Style12 1987