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After Earth: Kitai's Journal

Written By:Christine Peymani - 2013

  • After Earth: Kitai's Journal - Christine Peymani cover


It's been 1,000 years since humanity evacuated Earth. I never thought I would see our ancient home, but here I am. My father—Cypher Raige, the greatest Ranger in history—is trapped in our crashed ship, and only I can save him.

Kitai raige is determined to become a ranger, like his father before him, and defeat the vicious alien predator that tore his family apart—but his recklessness keeps him from advancing, and a surprise trip with Cypher is Kitai's last hope to salvage their relaionship.

After an asteroid storm damages their ship, Kitai and Cypher find themselves stranded in a hostile world. Kitai may not be a Ranger, but to save his injured father, he'll have to do what no one else has: journey across the most dangerous planet in the universe... Earth.