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After The Fall


Written By:John Phillip Backus - 2012

  • Gathering - John Phillip Backus cover


This much anticipated second installment in the After The Fall post apocalyptic adventure series follows Hunter and Elise as they travel to the Pacific Northwest to join Anna Planchet and Anna’s partner, Skye Ravencloud, a Native American shaman from old B.C., Canada. Soon after their arrival, Elise, Anna and Skye’s twin sisters vanish, kidnapped by slavers and bound for the secret auction block at the Gathering—a vast, regional marketplace on the coast where anything is available for the right price. When Elise manages to escape, she sets off a desperate race against time as Hunter and Skye move swiftly to track down the slavers and rescue the captives before they disappear forever into the murky underworld of the post-war slave trade.

Dripping with adventure and tempered with intrigue, this epic good-against-evil nail biter skillfully twists and turns as master storyteller John Phillip Backus weaves another rich narrative tapestry, peopled with cutthroat pirates, powerful warlords, religious fanatics and secret societies, each with designs of their own in a future world that becomes more probable with every passing tick of the clock. Journey with our heroes as they apply their wits, courage, and martial skills to decipher the slavers’ cryptic trail and unravel the mystery to its surprise conclusion. Along their challenge-strewn way, diverse groups converge and secret alliances unite in a complex matrix where people are not always who they seem and, ultimately, all roads lead to the Gathering.




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