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After the Flames

Written By:Elizabeth Mitchell - 1985

  • After the Flames - Elizabeth Mitchell cover


Three short novels of the American future—

Three Great Authors Three Possible Wars

Silverberg - Democracy rises anew in a shattered America—but some of the rules have changed.

Spinrad - The U.S. and Russia join forces against a terrorist oil sheik whose hostage is the State of Israel.

Kube-McDowell - Through the cruel years of the Long Winter, Belinda Twelvenames governed her family as best she could—but it took a message from the stars to bring them all true hope.


The helicopter was still a few yards above the ground when he realized that stopping was a mistake

The town was intact, yes. Inhabited, yes. But reestablishing constitutional democracy was pretty much besides the point here, Jansen suspected. All the signs indicated that what he had chosen for the first stop of his tour was a town of crazies, thrown off balance by the heavy burden of the doom that had come over the world.

In the bright summer sunshine he saw images of death and the fear of death wherever he looked.

They had fallout rods mounted on every building—group of three narrow metal dowels, one red, one greed, one yellow, rising out of little steel domes painted with bright lightning-bolt patterns. About as effective for warding off fallout as a parasol would be, but try to tell a crazy that.

Outside the post office they had erected something that looked like a canoe with wings, a crudely carved object that was supposed to represent, he guessed, an intercontinental ballistic missile. It had an American flag painted across its nose, the Soviet hammer-and-sickle on one of its wings, a rough drawing of Christ on the cross on the other. Figure that one out, Jansen thought.

He realized he was being watched. Eyes, beady, suspicious, peered from every dismal dingy window. He let his hand rest lightly on his hip-holster.