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After the Rain

Written By:John Bowen - 1958

  • After the Rain - John Bowen cover


How would you react if you found yourself on a modern day Noah's Ark (with no foreseeable prospoect of finding dry land)?

What could you think of to extend the limited supply of food?

Would you agree to seperate sleeping quarters from male and female?

Would you feel that any human life you encountered was precious to the survival of the race, or would you want to kill all other in order to give yourself a better chance?

How would you survive?


LITERATE, PROFOUND AND PROVOCATIVE... Damon Knight, Fantasy & Science Fiction

The British are a hardy island people. At least two aspects of this country are world-renowned—the astonishing number of high calibre writers they produce, and their climate.

AFTER THE RAIN is an inpressive combination of both. In fact, Angus Wilson says:

"If you like cataclysmic novels John Bowen;s AFTER THE RAIN is as exciting as any deluge you can hope to find: but if you think deluges are too trivial, John Bown has a surprise for you: his novel turns out to be satire of the first order."