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Written By:LeVar Burton - 1996

  • Aftermath - LeVar Burton cover


2012 The first black president is assassinated.

2015 The economic and social fabric collapse amidst civil war.

2019 The federal government dissolves, leaving a continent of homeless refugees and armed militias.


A desperate land needs a miracle. Suddenly, three strangers—a derelict ex-physicist, a little girl, a Lakota shaman—are bound by the same dreams, the same visions. And each begins a quest of courage across a shattered nation,to rescue a woman not one has met...


"Deftly crafted... adds new depth and perspective to the science fiction genre." —Denver Post

"Epic, along the lines of The Stand; spiritual, along the lines of the The Seven Arrows. I highly recommend this book!" —Philadelphia Inquirer

Emmy Award-winning actor, director, and producer LeVar Burton has long been beloved for such classic roles as Kunta Kinte in Roots and Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Now LeVar Burton achieves new renown in his widely acclaimed first novel—a powerful, thrilling adventure of human courage in a devastated, transformed America.

Rave Reviews for the Debut Novel by LeVar Burton

"I was deeply moved, In LeVar Burton's brilliantly realized cautionary tale, heroic men and women embody timeless values that will always make a difference—courage, passion, wisdom, and, most of all, love. I recomment this novel to anyone who cares about the human spirit." —Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

"Assured prose, with a well-developed plot... [A] wise, above-average debut." —Kirkus Reviews

"Thoroughly readable... [LeVar Burton] has mastered the art of keeping readers turning pages." —Booklist

"LeVar Burton brings a strong new voice to science fiction with this powerful, even disturbing, novel." —Ben Bova, author of Mars

"An entertaining debut." —Cleveland Plain Dealer

"An amazingly good first novel... builds tension with the best of them... Burton's characters are believable; his protagonists are likeable and his antagonist is one nasty dude." —Rocky Mountain News

"A thrilling sci-fi story." —West Orange Times

"Page-turning... AFTERMATH is a timely document in our era of Rodney King and O.J. And by featuring potent, intelligent African-American protagonists, Burton assures that black history does indeed include the future." —Willamette Week (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

"A distinct vision... Burton writes well." —Edmonton Sunday Journal

"Engaging and effective." —Tallahassee Times

"A tale of hope... interesting and well thought out... Burton has shown another talent." —Salisbury Post

"Exploring the ultimate depths and heights of human potential, AFTERMATH is an impressive and memorable first effort!" —Steven Barnes, author of Blood Brothers