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The Alejandra Variations

Written By:Paul Cook - 1984

  • The Alejandra Variations  - Paul Cook cover


A novel of multiple realities and singular fantasies

First Variation

Nuclear Strategist Nicholas Tejada sees the end of the world.

Second Variation

One thousand years later, Nicholas wakes up in an underground civilization that lives only for drugs, sex, and thrills.

Third Variation

250,000 years in the future, Nicholas travels with a tribe of Amazons, who are constantly forced to migrate by walking nuclear bombs.

Fourth Variation

On the day the sun dies, Nicholas faces the woman who has been pursuing him through a thousand thousand lifetimes...


The machine before them was incredible. Nicholas was hypnotized by its size and vast construction. Its head was monstrously bullet-shaped. It possessed no neck to speak of. Manlike in appearance, with long, sturdy legs, it had arms that ended with a cluster of efficient-looking fingers. The fire soared about it as the ancient Keeper rose from its centuries-old crypt.

It was a walking nuclear bomb.