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Alien Earth: Hope Cometh

Written By:James R. Meadors Jr. - 2009

  • Alien Earth: Hope Cometh - James R. Meadors Jr. cover


John and Melissa Winters think that learning their baby's sex will be the happiest day of their lives. They are wrong. Instead, they spend it running from an alien race hell-bent on claiming Earth for itself.

With thousands of satellite-like weapons strategically positioned around the planet, the aliens obliterate the world's communication systems, militaries, and transportation systems within minutes. There the satellites remain, monitoring Earth for any signs of human technology that could be used against them.

Earth is plundered for its resources, and man is hunted by a species far more advanced, technologically, with speed and reflexes five times faster than any human and deadly tentacles that extend from their forearms at will. Lacking the means to fight back, man has but one option—run!

John and Melissa journey to their mountain home, where they live out each day, hoping to see the next. Their plans are tested when an injured alien finds its way into their home and beats Melissa's pregnant body within inches of death.

The human population is dwindling and in time will become extinct, but there are some who refuse to let that happen. Some fight back against an opponent most feel they cannot beat in a battle they cannot win. But these freedom-fighters have one thing the others do not—they have Hope.