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Written By:Jennifer Reynolds - 2014

  • Alone - Jennifer Reynolds cover


Alone tells the story of how a woman changes the lives of the few remaining stragglers in a plague-ridden world. On the first day of the New Year, all across the United States, a fine, white powder permeates the air. Within seconds, those in proximity of the powder die. Six months in the disease has spread and all but less than one percentage of the planet’s population is dead. Eve, a college junior, the baby of the family, and young adult with little to nothing to worry about, soon finds herself the leader of a slowly growing group of survivors. Can she save herself and them from starvation, from insanity, from each other? She doesn’t think so, but she is determined to try. Join Eve as she learns how to keep her people fed, bring new life into an unsure world, and fight against those who have let the loneliness, the isolation, the emptiness destroy them.