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Amtrak Wars

Cloud Warrior

Written By:Patrick Tilley - 1983

  • Cloud Warrior - Patrick Tilley cover


The Visionary Chronicle of the Ultimate Struggle to Rule Earth

Ten centuries ago the Old Time ended when Earth's cities melted in the War of a Thosand Suns. Now the lethal high technology of the Amtrak Federation's underground stronghold is unleashed on Earth's other survivors—the surface-dwelling Mutes. But the primitive Mutes possess ancient powers greater than any machine...


"Why did you not tell me you were a summoner?"

Clearwater shook her head in bewilderment. 'I did not know until now. It was only when you were about to die that the power came upon me. It was sent through me. It used my voice to call the forces up from the earth but I did not guide it.' She paused and looked back at Shakatak's body, suddenly intimidated by the terrible violence she had unleashed. 'I do not know if it will come again.'

Cadillac nodded. 'The door in your mind has been opened. If you call, the power will enter. Mr Snow will teach you how to guide it.'

Clearwater shivered and rubbed her arms. 'It frightens me. Talisman saved your life. It was his strength the flowed through me.'




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