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Amtrak Wars

The First Family

Written By:Patrick Tilley - 1985

  • The First Family  - Patrick Tilley cover


The second volume of a futureworld epic

The visionary chronicle of the ultimate struggle to rule Earth

After countless years of fighting—of pitting sophisticated technology against the primitive surface-dwelling people who seemed to possess supernatural powers—the Federation was still no nearer to ending the battle with the Mutes. But then a lone flier was hauled into on of its underground bunkers—a man whose very existence was a challenge to the all-pervading wisdon of the First Family. A man whose destiny would determine the future for both the Federation and the Mutes...


The Tracker Prayer (Offered thrice-daily to images of the President-General)

Hail to the Chief!
All-seeing Father, Leader and Sage
With our hand on our heart
We praise and salute you.
Glory be to the First Family!
Gift of Ages Past, Rulers till the end of Time
Bedrock of Amtrak, Founders of the Federation
Guardians of the Earth-Shield
Chosen Saviours of the Blue-Sky World
Creators of the Light, the Work and the Way
Keepers of all Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth
In whom the Seven Great Qualities are enshrined
And from whose sacred life-blood
our lives spring

All-seeing Father, Leader and Sage
Chief among the Chosen, Creator of Life
This day you have given us we dedicate to you
Let your wise counsel guide our thoughts
Let your power strengthen our hands and hearts
So that we may strike down those who oppose Your Will
Teach us to follow the glorious example
Of the Minutemen and the Foragers
So that we may serve you better through all our days
The life you gave us we gladly offer up again
Use it as you will so that, by the manner of our dying
We may honour their great sacrifice
Just as you will honour ours
at the Final Victory.




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