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Amtrak Wars

Iron Master

Written By:Patrick Tilley - 1987

  • Iron Master - Patrick Tilley cover

    Sphere - 1989 [import]

  • Iron Master - Patrick Tilley cover

    Baen - 1st Printing - 1987


Sphere - 1989 [import]

The visionary chronicle of the ultimate struggle to rule Earth

The year: 2990 AD. The centuries-old conflict between the hi-tech underground world of the Trackers and the primitive, surface-dwelling Mutes continues with unabated ferocity. Steve Brickamn, a Tracker wingman whose heart and mind is torn between the two cultures, embarks upon his most dangerous mission yet: the rescue of Cadillac and Clearwater, two gifted Plainfolk Mutes held captive by the mysterious Iron Masters. It is a nightmare journey into the unknown but, once again, a shadowy presence guides Steve's footsteps and endows him with superhuman speed and strength in moments of mortal danger...

Baen - 1st Printing - 1987

The year: 2990 A.D. The post-holocaust conflict between the high-tech underground Federation and the primitive, surface-dwelling Mutes continues with unabated ferocity. Steve Brickman, a Federation pilot whose heart and mind are torn between the two cultures, embarks on his most dangerous mission yet: to spy out the growing threat of the Iron Masters. It is a nightmare journey into the unknown, for the Iron Masters—descendants of today's Japanese—guard their land with samurai ferocity.

But a shadowy presence guides Brickman's footsteps, keeping him safe. And the predictions of the mysterious and ancient Talisman Prophecy hold true. According to the prophecy, Federation or Mutes will soon claim victory... but at what price?

The sequel to Cloud Warrior and the First Family


Sphere - 1989 [import]

Steve Brickman—Supercharged Fighting machine

Everything came into extra-sharp focus. Steve saw, with dreadful clarity, the samurai raise and draw the blow; saw the faint glint of light on the wide-bladed, razor-sharp steel point, felt his heart miss a beat as his chest tensed in anticipation of the fearful, piercing blow.

Steve was less than ten yards from the archer, but as the bow-string was released and the arrow spen towards his chest, he advanced the curving blade of the quarterstaff and swung his body to the left.

The steel-tipped point struck the angled blade and was deflected upwards. Steve saw it as a moving streak of light as it flashed past his right shoulder, then heard a strangled cry. Looking back, he saw that he arrow had embedded itself in the throat of the rider behind him.

Baen - 1st Printing - 1987

Light the Boosters!

The aircraft they had worked on till dawn stood poised on its launching trolley at the edge of the field. Cadillac and Brickman positioned themselves on the straw mats placed by the aircraft and knelt to pay homage to the assembled Iron Masters, who were seated some fifty yards away on a clothcovered dais with their aides ranged behind them. Long bamboo poles with narrow banners fluttered above their heads. The Toh-Yota, those of the shogun's house, were in the middle.

"Okay, let's go for it," said Brickman. He checked the movement of the five hammers that would fire the rockets, then settled into the cockpit. He closed his right hand firmly around the stick and looped his left forefinger through the ring-pull that would fire the first rocket. "Light the boosters!"

Cadillac applied the taper. "Lit and burning!"

Ten... nine... eight...




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