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Android Avenger

Android Avenger

Written By:Ted White - 1965

  • Android Avenger - Ted White cover


Born of man and machine, to whom did he owe his loyalty?


Cybernetic Assassin

All of a sudden I was moving faster than usual. The other passengers standing on the subway platform seemed rooted to their places. It took me only seconds to reach the top of the six flights of stairs, and then I was out of the station and moving down Fulton Street at better than forty miles and hour!

What was happening to me? It was as though I were the helpless passenger in a runaway car. Something else has assumed control and was guiding me.

My body turned into an office building and raced down the corridor to a room where a man was sitting at a console. He'd begun to swing around in his chair when my mouth opened, and a thin, blood-red ray shot out, cleaving the man from head to abdomen.

Then it was over. My mouth closed, and I stood there, stunned. Up to today I was Bob Tanner, an average, sane Citizen. Now what was I, man or murder machine?




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