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The Armageddon Blues

Written By:Daniel Keys Moran - 1988

  • The Armageddon Blues  - Daniel Keys Moran cover



Jalin is a silver-eyed huntress from 700 years in the future. George is over 200 years old. They have traveled from improbably distant places across the landscape of time to meet by chance on a California highway in the year 1962. Now, as the twentieth century turns toward its final, troubled days, they have joined forces to achieve the nearly impossible—to stop a nuclear holocaust that has already happened.



Henry Ellis regarded Jalian d'Arsennette across his desktop. His eyes did not waver from hers. "What is your question?"

She showed the first emotion he had seen in her; a deep, quivering breath. It seemed to him that he could almost hear, /after all these years, the answer.../ She was holding the edge of his desk.

"Is it possible to prevent Armageddon?"

Sweat was trickling down the back of Henry's neck. He was thinking, this isn't happening, while something deep inside him assured him, yes, it is too happening. "May God help you, whoever the hell you are. I can't. I just don't know. Even Nigao could not answer that question, given your assumed parameters. Our field is very young."

Jalian was sitting back in her chair, eyes closed. She wasn't sure what her reaction was, relief or despair; only that it was strong. He had not said yes, but he had not said no. She could still hope.

She stood to leave, and Henry said, "Miss d'Arsennette? Where are you going?"

Jalian pivoted slowly, and smiled at him. Henry felt his perception of everything in the world but those silver eyes fade away, and was thinking with a cool, rational detachment that silver was the most erotic color that he knew, when Jalian said, "I am going to save the world."


An extraordinary mission through time to prevent the end of the world.

Vividly imagined and magnificently executed. The Armageddon Blues is a stunning tour-de-force of love and adventure that sweeps along a timeline of infinitely possible worlds. In this exciting first novel, Daniel Keys Moran introduces himself as a brilliant new talent on the very frontier of modern SF.

"The Armageddon Blues is vivid, startling, unnerving in its implications—altogether a noteworthy debut. Best to check your preconceptions of reality at the door; this Daniel Keys Moran fellow is one to keep a sharp eye on." —Jeffrey A. Carver, author of The Infinity Link

"An impressive debut. Moran is a writer worth watching, and The Armageddon Blues is a novel worth reading." —Richard Bowler, author of Replica