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The Suburban Book of the Dead

Written By:Robert Rankin - 1992

  • The Suburban Book of the Dead  - Robert Rankin cover


The final novel in the Armageddon Quartet and arguably the best of the three. Fast, frantic and furiously paced and introducing the now legendary Lazlo Woodbine, 1950’s genre private eye. The host of stars include Harpo/Chico the two headed lovechild, Barry the time-travelling Brussels Sprout, Elvis Presley in his greatest role ever and Rex Mundi, who still bears an uncanny resemblance to a young Harrison Ford.

The action takes place in Presley City, the world’s single surviving metropolis where Rex finds himself trapped only days away from nuclear destruction. The world is not as it should be. The Bible prominently features Elvis. Lazlo Woodbine is convinced that he is the hero of the book and Barry knows for certain that he is! Rex keeps getting mistaken for the Antichrist and this is seriously spoiling his chances of getting his end away with the gorgeous Laura Lynch (played apparently by Lady GaGa!). If you had any questions to ask after reading the first two books in this series, all will be answered in this one. Or if not exactly answered, then not answered.

The Suburban Book of the Dead is a study in controlled chaos and a masterpiece in the genre of Rankin’s own creation, Far-Fetched Fiction, and it is strongly recommended that you read the other two books first to have the remotest chance of understanding what is going on.




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