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As the Curtain Falls

Written By:Robert Chilson - 1974

  • As the Curtain Falls - Robert Chilson cover


A Billion Years Hence

In the old age of the once great planet Earth, the oceans have long dried up, and in their empty sea bottoms stand the last cities of mankind, for the once mighty continental heights are barren and frigid.

The world is strewn with the ruins of the star-faring civilizations of the Dawn ages, and somewhere in those ruins lies the legendary Kingsworld Legacy—which may yet save humanity.

Trebor of Amballa possesses the key to the Legacy. But can he use it—and will the remnants of a myriad lost nations let him?


The city had had a thousand names in the ages past, but they had all meant the same thing, Aged City. To Trebor of Amballa, riding now into the deserted sunset city, it was known as Rhodrora.

Rhodrora was almost as old as history. Not once, but fourteen times, it had been the capital of the world—and sometimes of other planets as well. In its ruins could be traced all that had passed in a million years. Now, it lay deserted—even the barbarians of the sea bottoms used it only as an overnight stop.

But Trebor rode to Rhodrora on a mission that might prove the final one for all history. It seemed but a slight affair of local politics—but it contained a secret that could restore Earth once more... if he could find the allies to help him and a path through the morass of the empty ocean floors.


Robert Chilson paints a colorful and vivid picture of the farthest future, tinted with wit and a tinge of bitter iron.