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Ashes, The

Blood in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1985

  • Blood in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


One man's bold attempt to lift a country out of the ashes of war

A nation in ruins

When nuclear war brings civilization to its knees, one man refuses to be defeated, refuses to despair. He's Ben Raines, the renowned soldier and survival expert. And with his ragged band of followers, he's on a great trek across the shattered length and breath of America, searching for a promised land where a new nation can be born.

But Ben Raines' people have been infiltrated by an insidious group called The Ninth Order. They believe in blood, not beauty; treachery, not truth. And they're sharpening their knives, waiting for the signal to rise up and destroy. If the vicious plan of The Ninth Order succeeds, Ben Raines will die along with all his dreams—and America will be the ultimate victim of... Blood in the Ashes


A savage new world

Ben's radio crackled. "Those... people out there?" Ben picked up on the emphasis on "people." "They're dressed in animal skins. They got feathers and other crap struck in their hair. Damnedest lookin' bunch of savages I've ever seen. I'm watchin' them from the rooftop of the old service station."

"How are they armed?" Ben radioed back.

Before he could get an answer, the old front door to the house shattered open. A man dressed in animal skins stood in the doorway, a huge spiked club in his right hand. He yelled at Ben and charged him, the club raised over his head...




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