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Ashes, The

Fire in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1983

  • Fire in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


Out of the ashes of a country destroyed came a new breed of men...

It is the year 1999, and the world as we know it no longer exists. But one man survived it all. His name is Ben Raines, a retired soldier and mercenary who was known throughout the world for his knowledge and expertise out in the field. His impeccable credentials have made him leader of the Resistance force—a job never wanted.

After Ben's dream of a country within a country is crushed by government forces, he knows he must regroup his rebels and prep them for bloody guerilla warfare, a war that would inevitably lead to civil war, American against American. There to face an even greater terror—the human mutants—a new indestructible breed of creatures who threatened to overpower the world?


The Ultimate Weapon

General Altamont removed a piece of paper from his briefcase. The single sheet of white paper had been placed in what looked to Ben an oversized Baggie. "This was delivered to me this morning—at my office at the Pentagon. The messenger was from a courier service. Allied. I tried to find that service listed in the phone book. No such courier service."

He placed the plastic enclosed sheet of paper on Ben's desk. Ben read through the plastic.

We have the ultimate weapon. Check storage area outside kirtland if you doubt us. Ben Raines beware.

Ben looked up. "Kirtland Air Force Base?"

"Yes, sir. I immediately put people checking on any records that still might exist on the movement of old SSTs. We lucked out. A team from New Mexico was dispatched to that storage site. No trace of the drivers, but transport tickets left in the cabs told us what we wanted—wrong choice of word—what we feared. The SSTs were carrying enough materials to make several very large nuclear devices; perhaps a dozen smaller ones."

"Who sent the message?"

"We have no idea, sir."




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