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Ashes, The

The Last Rebel: Survivor

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 2004

  • The Last Rebel: Survivor - William W. Johnstone cover


"Learn something now, Jim, and never forget it. For if you do, You're a dead man. You don't try to cure a rabid animal—for the sake of society, you kill it. It's big-dog-eat-little-dog time. And you'd better start being the biggest, baddest dog on the block." —Ben Raines

Chaos Reigns...

After the horrors of the great plague, the earth has plunged into absolute darkness. Seven out of every ten people are dead. The last stable government on earth—the Southern United States of America—has collapsed with the death of its founder and greatest hero, Ben Raines.

Humanity is all but forgotten. There is no law. No order. Hundreds of scattered tribes battle for supremacy in devastated land where only the strong live to see another day.

But hope remains

Through this wasted world walks Jim LaDoux—raised in the wilderness, taught to survive against all odds—and heir to Ben Raine's dream. That America will rise again. That faith, courage, and firepower can beat back the evil that threatens to end it all.


An explosive new action series from the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Ashes Novels!




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