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Ashes, The

Smoke from the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1987

  • Smoke from the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


After the fires of oblivion, one man's bold dream for an America reborn!

A Nation's Last Hope

The devastating nuclear nightmare of the Great War of '88 brings civilization to the brink od destruction. Only Ben Raines, famed soldier and survival expert, and his ragged band of followers share the dream of rebuilding a new country out of the smoldering ashes—a country once known as America.

In this hellish new world, Ben Raines must confront two of the world's deadliest threats to freedom's cause. Swarming westward across America's southern tier march the avenging soldiers of Libyan blood terrorist Khamasin, intent on reducing all that remains of "The Great Satan" to an improverished slave state. Lurking in the blackened ruins of America's once great cities are the real devils among men—the mutant Night People, crazed killers of all who dare to enter their plague-ridden domain. Only Ben Raines, his son Buddy, and a handful of Ben's rebel army remain to strike a blow for the survival of America and the future of the free world!



Ben Raine's eyes caught the glint of sunlight off metal or glass in the tall grass by the side of the overpass. Might be a sniper up there, he thought. He turned back to Big Louie.

"What about it?" Ben asked.

Louie's lips grew pouty. "Ultimatums, general? That's not a very nice way to begin a relationship."

The man standing beside Louie suddenly turned, stepping to one side, a movement that put him directly in front of Ben.

A moment later the sound of a rifle booming reached them.

The slug hit the man's battle harness, and an explosion momentarily deafened Ben just as the man in front of him seemed to disintegrate before Ben's eyes.

Then the rifle cracked again and something smacked Ben on the back of his head, dropping him into darkness...




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