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Ashes, The

Terror in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1992

  • Terror in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


Come and take it

"I usually give the enemy on chance to surrender. After that, I don’t take prisoners." —Ben Raines

Spectre of Death

Having reclaimed American soil from the savage armies of terrorists, lawless punk street gangs, and mutant Night People who once ruled the land, Raines and his Rebel army turn to the tyrannized people across the sea who also dream of freedom. Their first mission: the liberation of the British Isles from the nightmare of evil oppression.

After Rebel invasion forces establish a successful beachhead at the Irish seaport of Galway, Raines orders a massive armored spearhead assault to drive out the mercenary army of the insidious warlord Jack Hunt. The Rebels’ search-and-destroy mission crushes enemy resistance... but reinforcements for Hunt’s crumbling army bring with them the most hideous foe Ben Raines has ever faced: bubonic plague. Raines and his Rebels must choose between saving themselves or sacrificing their cause to save the lives of innocent civilians trapped in a beleaguered land...


A good night for killing

About an hour after dark, the Rebel team began to gather.

Ben had two 9mm Beretta pistols on his web belt and was carrying a Colt 9mm carbine, select fire. Cooper was carrying a Stoner 63—a 5.56mm belt-fed machine-gun with a 150-round magazine. Jersey carried a CAR-15, select fire. Linda carried a Street-Sweeper, drum-type sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun the was truly awesome in any type of close-in combat. Corrie was carrying a very light packback radio and a CAR-15.

"You know where to go and what to do," Ben said, and jacked a round into his CAR-15. "Move out!"

The Rebels began walking silently toward the darkened town. Only the faint outlines of the buildings were visible in the mist and fog of this quiet Irish night... that was about to turn deadly and bloody.




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