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Ashes, The

Treason in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1994

  • Treason in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


"Never again will the government be allowed to bankrupt its citizens with unfair taxation. Never again will decent citizens be afraid to walk down the streets. If you commit a crime in Rebel Territory, we'll make sure you won't do it again. Anybody who wants to take our freedoms away should come on right now so we can kick his ass!" —Ben Raines

The last vestiages of law and government have disaapeared. Terrorist armies rampage across the tragic landscape that once was America. Only the brave, the powerful, and the fanatical survive...

General Ben Raines rises out of the killing fields with a daring vision of a new world order to challenge the enemy who has only one agenda: Total annihilation.



The colonel leading the advancing regiment sent recon in first. The recon moved carefully and cautiously. But they seldom investigated more than twenty yards on either side of the old highway. It was a mistake.

As soon as the recon teams passed, the Rebels slipped out of their holes and reset the Claymore and placed C-4 at selected sites...

The first tanks of the long column appeared and the Rebels let them rumble past, allowing them to roll deeper and deeper into the trap...

"Now!" Ben Raines said, and Cooper fired the Armbrust. The rocket slammed into the side of a tank and turned the inside into a fiery death for the crew. Up and down the mile-long stretch of highway, explosions shattered the quiet. A rattled regimental commander screamed order to retreat, the tanks and trucks were twisted up in a death lock. Now it was a turkey shoot for the Rebel troops...


The blockbuster novel of a war-torn America!

In the bestselling tradition of Harold Coyle and Allen Drury comes a towering vision of a new and free America




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