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Ashes, The

Tyranny in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 2000

  • Tyranny in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


Come and Take It

"We have defeated enemies who outnumbered and outgunned us. We have learned our lessons in blood and tears. But now—once again—tyranny is knocking on our door." —Ben Raines

The patriot army of Ben Raines went toe-to-toe with the most powerful enemy in the world—the USA—and fought its way through hellish chaos and terrorism. But for the free and the brave there is not rest—not when USA leader Claire Osterman has been ousted from power. Her reaction: a plan for revenge that will plunge the North American continent into bloody war.

The attack will come from the South, where Osterman has made a pact with the devil—a former Sandinista Rebel name Perro Loco. Rushing up through Costa Rica and Mexico, their unholy alliance is poised to strike at the heart of the SUSA. Ben Raines, however, will not wait until blood is spilled on his soil. He will lead his own strike force into the jungles of Mexico... to kill the enemy on his own ground.


Outa Luck?

Ben and his team looked like something out of a space movie as they gathered near the door of the C-130 transport plane. They were dressed all in black, with faces enclosed in Plexiglas helmets to give them oxygen until they fell far enough to be able to breathe on their own. Harley had said they would be at terminal velocity, 120 miles per hour, for several mintues prior to their chutes opening.

"It's almost impossible to breathe at that speed, so leave your helmets hooked up until your chute opens. After that, if the shock of the sudden deceleration doesn't knock you out, you can jettison your helmets and get your weapons ready to fire. We don't know what we're gonna find when we land."

"What if we get hung up in the jungle canopy too far to drop from our chutes?" Ben asked.

Harley pointed to Ben's chest. "That's what that nylon cord in the front of your HALO suit is for. Just attach it to your harness, hit the release button, and climb down the rope to the ground."

"And if the rope doesn't reach the ground?" Corrie asked.

"Then you're SOL," Harley replied with a grin.

"SOL?" she asked.

"Shit outa luck," he replied, and turned to watch the lights at the front of the transport, waiting for the jump light to turn from red to green.




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