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Shadow Falling

Written By:Tui T Sutherland - 2007

  • Shadow Falling - Tui T Sutherland cover


I was born in a world ruled by gods.

This worked out well for me, as I am a god.

For centuries we were the rulers of our worlds.

But things changed.

Now, the stakes are high.

Let the games begin...

Caught in an ancient rivalry not of their making, on an earth devoid of al other humans, a group of teens learns they are avatars of immortal gods, put on earth in a form that's only too mortal. Now they are bound to fight one another—and only one of them can survive.

Do they resist the forces controlling them and unite to save themselves and perhaps even return to their own time? Or can one of them win this battle and seize immortality and the life of a god?


Tui T. Sutherland ups the ante in this second volume of her witty and absorbing fantasy trilogy about life, immortality, and what it means to live among the gods—and to do their dirty work.




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