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Bander Snatch

Written By:Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. - 1979

  • Bander Snatch - Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. cover


The 22nd century—in a universe of jungles, he fought for mastery

It is the twenty-second century.

A vast, complex bureaucracy rules. The rich live in comfortable enclaves or deep-space colonies. They barricade themselves in the burnt-out shells of the dead Earthly cities. Lord of one such Jungle is Bander Snatch. Street-wise leader of a gang that speaks its own defiant, futuristic slang, he is suddenly chosen for the greatest role of his life. Thrust into the harrowing depths of an alien planet and a terrifying confrontation on his own home turf, he must meet the ultimate test of manhood—or be mercilessly consumed.


I live in the Jungle, in the twenty-block rectangle of Township 25 that recognizes me as its authority figure. They call me by my digger name, Bander Snatch. Outsiders call me a Jungle Lord.

So begins a young man’s odyssey into time, space and infinite reaches of the human psyche, set in a future far closer than we may know.


A novel of the terrifying future