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Battle Circle

Var the Stick

Written By:Piers Anthony - 1969

  • Var the Stick - Piers Anthony cover

    Bantam - Dec 1973

  • Var the Stick - Piers Anthony cover

    Corgi - 1975


Bantam - Dec 1973

Two young warriors slave off death in a quest to save a shattered world.

The Scourge of Enmity

Sol controlled the mountain, and Sos the Empire. No one could calculate the destruction which would follow if they went to war.

Var—half animal, half man—rescued from the badlands, was the chosen one. Exiled from his own legion, suported only by his courage and skill, he wandered the earth, fleeing certain death for him and for Soli, the valiant companion he loved for than life itself.

Corgi - 1975

Sol controlled the mountain and Sos the Empire. Two worlds so completely different from each other that they could not exist together on the same planet. There had to be war...

Var was the chosen one. Half man, half animal, a mutant victim of the blast, he would have continued to live as a savage if Sos had not rescued him from the badlands. And now Var was called upon to repay that debt, to risk his life as the champion of the Empire in a duel he was secretly afraid of winning...


Bantam - Dec 1973

Heir to Empire

Var was the second man Sos had ever called a friend. Sos trained him with the sticks until there was no one mightier in the circle.

Var was the chosen, destined to reign, until he slew Sos' most secret and dearly held love. The passion of his pursuit would only be matched by the wrath of his revenge.




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