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Written By:Dean R. Koontz - 1970

  • Beastchild - Dean R. Koontz cover


The naoli was not a human... and could not be a man!

What Alien?

The naoli came to Earth as conquerors, while the last men skulked through the ruins of their civilization. The two races, human and naoli, were the most powerful intelligences in the galaxy—and destined to be immediate and perpetual enemies!

Then the adult Hulann met the boy Leo... and each became a traitor to his race. For it was only through treason that the future of each race could be assured!


The Hunter was born to hunt, as his prey was born to be brought down at his desire...

Sara Laramie moved through the iron castings in the foundry yard, keeping low so that she was at all times concealed from view. The Hunter Relemar was in pursuit of her. She did not know that he was a Hunter; it was obvious, however, that he was different from other naoli.

Deep scream, lovely scream, wanting out... She reached the thousand gallon storage tank in which she now made her home. She pulled open the entry plate (it squeaked; Relemar listened for squeaks) and went inside, Behind her, there was a scraping noise... Rats, she thought, lighting the glow lamp. The tank brightened to a warm yellow.

"Hello," said Relemar the Hunter. He was trying to smile.

This time, she did not suppress the scream...