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Written By:John Crowley - 1976

  • Beasts - John Crowley cover


Half-human outlaws of a savage future

America has been destroyed by civil war. Violent bands of barbarians and anarchists battle agents from the Union for Social Engineering, who plan to seize total control. But they are all united by the fierce hatred of the leos.

Every hand is raised against the half-human, half-animal mutants who roam the desolate frontier. The lost, predatory creatures men call.


Strange dance on the killing ground

She didn't see Painter move, nor did the one at the door, but there was a flurry of motion and he had seized the intruder, who made one sound, a sound Caddie would never forget—the desperate, shocked shriek of seized prey—and Painter had locked the man's head between his forearms. The man sank suddenly, as though punctured, his head loose on his body.

Painter, legs wide apart, supported him roughly—worried him, she would think later, like a cat, turning him the way and that to see if there was any life in him—and then dropped him...


"Unforgettable." —Gerald Jonas, Penthouse

The stunning novel of tomorrow's barbarians. A bizarre odyssey into the far reaches of terror.

Beasts the new science-fiction sensation by John Crowley