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Birthright Project, The


Written By:Kathryn Mackel - 2006

  • Trackers - Kathryn Mackel cover


Far from home in a ravaged world, the birthrighters struggle for survival.

Raised in a new ark beneath polar ice, delivered by whales to a blighted surface, the young men and women of the Birthright Project have pledged their lives to a risky and redemptive mission—preserving God's original creation from the ravages of the Endless Wars and human depravity.

They've roamed the earth tracking original species. They've successfully battled sorcerers, warlords, and armies of mutants. But now a twisted new enemy is on the march. An explosive old secret lurks beneath the glitter of a decadent city. And the mysterious darkness that swallowed a mountain spreads toward an innocent mill town.

Before they can prevail, the Birthrighters must confront their most difficult challenge: overcoming their individual desires that threaten to betray the group.


The adventure draws to a dramatic close in book two of Kathryn Mackel's imaginative and absorbing birthright series... a fantasy thriller with a heart of faith.

"Kathryn Mackel can weave a story like no one else. As compelling as Lord of the Rings, Trackers is more than riveting and suspenseful read—it's also a subtle picture of how God's goodness triumphs over evil. The characters, warts and all, lingered long after I closed the last page. I'd love to see this in a movie." —Colleen Coble, author of Fire Dancer

"Trackers is rich in imagination, invention, and wonder. In this worthy successor to Outsiders, you'll face heart-stopping perils and encounter stunning plot twists that I guarantee you won't see coming. I'm a confirmed Kathryn Mackel fan—read Trackers and you will be too!" —Jim Denney, author of the Timebenders series

"Kathryn Mackel's inventiveness sparkles! Trackers is a highly imaginative tale of a world recovering from wars eons past, where evil reigns and genetically engineered monsters do battle against God's appointed warriors. The ending is guaranteed to catch you off guard!" —Douglas Hirt, author of the acclaimed Cradleland Chronicles series




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