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The Black Cloud

Written By:Fred Hoyle - 1959

  • The Black Cloud  - Fred Hoyle cover


Earth menaced by a power beyond the planets and older than time!

Earth was dying... One fourth of its population was dead. The rest had little time to live. A mass of interstellar matter had invaded the solar system, flinging planets out of orbit and blocking off the sun. In that titanic disaster, Man had one small chance to survive: Appeal to an alien intelligence that might exist, and that might—or might not—care enough to help!


Black day for Earth

Kingsley was unusual, even for a scientist. He bit the government hand that fed him, took time out from the world's greatest emergency for a night with a pretty girl, and combined a brilliant scientific mind with a science-fiction imagination.

When Earth was endangered by a cloud from outer space and most men panicked, Kingsley seemed to keep him head. But when the cloud did not behave according to scientific data, other scientists were sure he'd lost his reason:

For Kingsley formed a fantastic belief, an out-of-this-world theory that seemed completely insane. He envisioned an incredible galactic intelligence that could help Earth or destroy it. He believed that he could win this superhuman force over to Earth's side. And he was willing to risk his life to prove it.


"Without a question the most intelligently written science fiction story I have ever read... A terrific yarn." —Charlotte Observer

"A superior science-fiction yarn in the classic realm... exceedingly fine." —New York Library Journal

"An eerie story which demands the reader's attention from start to finish." —Denver Post