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Dead Zone Strike

Written By:David Robbins - 1990

  • Dead Zone Strike - David Robbins cover


After World War III, areas that had sustained direct nuclear strikes were left as uncharted, contaminated wastelands. These dead zones became breeding grounds for vicious, man-eating monsters. When giant bat-men started terrorizing the Dakota Territory, Blade and the Force tracked them to the heart of a dead zone. And though the beasts were the deadliest foes they'd ever encountered, the Force would destroy the bat-men—or die in the infernal depths that had s pawned them.


"Look out! Here they come!"

Blade glanced at Raphaela, saw her shocked countenance fixed in the direction of the farmhouse, and spun, bringing the M60 barrel up, his gaze darting high into the air over the building. He anticipated the attack would come from a lofty elevation.

The Warrior was wrong.

Voicing twin high-pitched shrieks, a pair of inky figures swept down toward the Force, coming in low, barely skimming the roof of the farmhouse, their outlines streamlined because their wings were tucked flush with their backs for greater diving speed, their arms extended in a power dive.

Raphaela got off a dozen rounds at point-blank range, her shots smacking into the creature on the right. But whether her bullets had no effect, or whether the thing was simply moving too rapidly to be stopped by anything, an instant later she felt awesomely strong hands clamp onto her upper arms and the creature began to surge upward bearing her with it.




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