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Devil Strike

Written By:David Robbins - 1990

  • Devil Strike - David Robbins cover
  • Devil Strike - David Robbins cover

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They told him to go to hell—but he was already there.


Sharper than steel, tougher than leather, Blade was a one-man death machine dedicated to keeping order in the chaos following WWIII.

Devil Strike

In the mountains of Baja California, a man they called El Diablo was raiding civilized settlements and leaving a bloody trail of corpses in his wake. Backed by the deadly Freedom Force, Blade stormed into the Baja to put an end to El Diablo's reign of terror once and for all. But Diablo ruled an Army of vicious cutthroats, and the Force was put to the test in savage combat. In was a fight to the death, and it looked as if Blade had finally met his match...


The devil cut loose with an assault rifle...

Bullets plowed into the outer wall on the right side of the doorway. Instead of retreating into the shadows, Blade automatically did the unexpected; he stopped into the center of the street, trained the M60 on the dune buggy, and let them have it. The big machine gun bucked in his arms as he poured a veritable hailstorm of lead into the grill, hood and driver. A short swing to the left stitched the pattern of slugs into the other Devil, and the man screamed as his chest was transformed into a series of miniature crimson geysers.

The driver slumped over the steering wheel and the dune buggy veered into a house on the right, smashing through the wall and coming to an abrupt rest as a portion of the roof collapsed upon it.

Blade whirled, and saw the first dune buggy returning for another attack...




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