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First Strike

Written By:David Robbins - 1989

  • First Strike - David Robbins cover



Named for the razor-sharp bowies that never left his side, he was unmatched in size and strength. In post-nuclear America, he was the last hope of what was left of the civilized world.

The Freedom Force

Six men trained in the art of killing, each was a perfect instrument of death. In a ravaged world crawling with mutants and savages, their talents were much in demand.

The Mission

In the remote wilderness of California, a nuclear accident called the Spider was kidnapping and raping human women, producing an army of inhuman spawn he hoped would conquer mankind. It was up to Blade and the Force to destroy his web of terror—or the world would face a fate far worse than atomic destruction.


An explosive new series of survival in post-nuclear age—based on the bestselling ENDWORLD series.

More explosive than a fusion bomb

The all-action, all-adventure series by the bestselling author of Endworld. Join... Blade as he battles mutant creatures and power-mad humans bent on dominating what remains of nuked-out America. He's the Warrior who unleashes cold steel against the fiery monsters who want to stomp out freedom and civilization.




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