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L. A. Strike

Written By:David Robbins - 1990

  • L. A. Strike - David Robbins cover


Global nuclear war had left the earth a stinking cesspool, polluted by radioactive fallout and poisoned by chemical toxins. Mutations abounded. Barbarians reigned. Against them all fought the Freedom Force, civilization's last hope for survival. And when Los Angeles fell victim to a mindless incursion of savages, it was up to the Force to lift the siege. Matching violence with superviolence and death with megadeath, Blade and his comrades blew into the City of Angels like devils out of hell—and L.A. would never be the same.


Havoc instanly pivoted and executed the Kinteki-seashigeri, kicking his right instep into the Brother's testicles. The blow made Sheba grunt and drop to his knees. Havoc delivering an Ippon-nukite strike to the temple, his bony finger the equivalent of a blackjack.

Stunned, Sheba sagged, and tossed the M.A.C. 10 to Jaguarundi, who deftly caught the weapon.

"Hit the scumbag again!" Gloria urged.

Havoc reached down, gripped the Brother's chin, and snapped the man's head up so he could glare into Sheba's eyes. "No more games, asshole. I'm tired of being treated like a lightweight. This is the Force you're dealing with, you stupid son of a bitch. If you don't give me the answers I need, Jag here will do to you what he did to your friend."




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