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Pipeline Strike

Written By:David Robbins - 1989

  • Pipeline Strike - David Robbins cover



After World War III, oil was more valuable than gold, far more precious than blood. So when the Federation learned of a man who claimed he could reactivate the Alaskan pipeline, they sent Blade and the Force into the froken tundra of the Artic Circle to search for him. Blade and his comrades were looking for a source of energy that would save the world—what they found was a madman bent on destroying it.


Blade squeezed the trigger on the big M-60, the machine gun bucking in his arms, the thunderous blasts music to his ears as the heavy slugs smacked into the charging shrew and stopped the mutant in its tracks. Geysers of blood erupted from its body as it thrashed and convulsed, shrieking like a banshee. He stalked forward, unrelenting in his determination to exterminate the ravenous brute and prevent it from ever killing again.

The shrew, its body riddled with gaping holes, toppled from the cabinets, out of sight.

Had he finished it?




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