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The Blessing Papers

Written By:William Barnwell - 1980

  • The Blessing Papers  - William Barnwell cover


In the awful echoes of the Falling, the whisper of the Mysteries is heard again...

After the Falling, after the Great Fires, when technology was lost and the world was in spiritual chaos, the Blessing Papers offered new hope. But then they disappeared. No one knew where or by what power. Or for how long.

"Kill the boy with the white hair"

When the riders in green tried to kill Turly, he didn't know why. When the sorcerer of the Order of Zeno captured and tortured him, Turly didn't know the information the sorcerer was so desperately trying to wrench from him. But now, as he begins to put the pieces together, Turly comes to understand that he is inextricably involved in a drama that affects the future of the world, that will alter forever the Circle in which he lives. The Mysteries are resurfacing and he has a vital part to play in the prophecies of... The Blessing Papers


The riders aimed for the boat...

The red beam grew in intensity and the tubboat began to change. At its edges, it turned shadowy and indistinct; then it blossomed into the brilliant color of the beam, dropped to purple, then to the deep blackness of coal as if all the color it had were being drained from it. The boat crumbled into something lifeless, unearthly. It glowed with a darkness Ellman had never seen before nor even wanted to see again. In a second it was over. There was only the barest smear of darkness seeping into the water to remind the watcher that anything had been there.

They had come for the life of Turly!




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