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Blood Music

Written By:Greg Bear - 1985

  • Blood Music - Greg Bear cover


The smallest of organisms. The greatest of transformations. So begins tomorrow...

The Future Within

Vergil Ulam was the genius behind "biolgic." The restructuring of cells. Cells that can think. When Genetron canceled the project, Vergil smuggled his life's work out of the lab the only way he knew how. He injected himself with them.

At first, the effects of the "intelligent" lymphocytes were small miracles. His eyesight, his overall health, even his sex life, improved.

But now, something strange is happening. Vergil's concocted cells are capable of forming complex organisms and eventually whole societies in his blood and body. He carries a universe within himself. A universe of cells. Intelligent cells. And they think it's time for a change...


"A childhood's end for the 1980's... compelling!" —Locus

"A work of thoroughgoing excellence. It's a delight to read science fiction by someone who knows what he's talking about. A damned good read!" —Gregory Benford

"A dazzling flight of disciplined imagination! One of the most interesting stories to come along in years!" —Poul Anderson

"One of the most entertaining and intellectually stimulating sf novels I've read in a good long while." —Paul Preuss

"A compelling variation on themes of destruction and rebirth... with a finality that's both exalting and disconcerting. Like Clarke in CHILDBHOOD'S END, Bear goes to the limits." —Locus

"Greg Bear is one of tomorrow's up and coming authors!" —Ray Bradbury

"A powerful, vivid novel whose poignant imagery exists outside the boundaries of the sf genre." —Booklist

"Greg Bear is one of the best of this generation's idea writers. He explores the very edge of tomorrow..." —David Brin

"Bear's unique novel about the nature of thought and reality solidifies his position as a writer of remarkable talent and fresh vision. Highly recommended!" —Library Journal