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Blue Plague

The Fall

Written By:Thomas A. Watson - 2012

  • The Fall  - Thomas A. Watson cover


What would you do in an apocalyptic event? How would your family and friends survive? Could you survive? Join two families on a journey through hell on earth as they try to save themselves and maybe mankind.

A super virus has been unleashed on mankind. Our way of life and the modern day speed of travel spread the virus from the jungles of Africa around the world in days. Those it infects become feral attacking any not like them. No one knows what else this virus holds in store. Society breaks down in a matter of days and the lawless try to rule the land. Even appointed and elected officials differ little from the criminals. Blue Plague: The Fall, is the first book in a seven part series that tells the story of a group’s survival in this new world.

"Now each of you will put your weapons on the ground one at a time when I tell you. Do I make myself clear?" the State Trooper instructed the group moving his aim from one person to the other. "That is not going to happen officer,” Bruce said. “We came for some water and food, then we were going to leave. But if you will not give us any we will just leave anyway," he finished.

"Did you not hear me, punk? You will lay down your weapons now. I have been given orders to execute anyone not complying with my orders. No more arrest I can kill you," The State Trooper calmly said smiling at Bruce.




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