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Breed to Come

Written By:Andre Norton - 1972

  • Breed to Come - Andre Norton cover

    Ace - June 1981

  • Breed to Come - Andre Norton cover


When desperate measures failed to control what men had begun and could not stop, they fled their polluted planet, leaving behind an epidemic virus born of experimentation. Yet unlike men, whom the disease could destroy, the animals of the planet thrived, each generation more forceful and intelligent than the last.

In the ruins of what was once a university complex a vast band of cats, more highly evolved than those on the outside, sought to master the works of man. And they learned that the Demons—as men were called—were not legendary, but real, as was the danger of their return to the planet.

Then one day a spaceship landed bearing the feared exile race...


It was Ha-Hang, one of the Elders of the Western tribe who spoke—"There are Rattons in the lairs, and Demons. If they have indeed returned, it is best to let them have the lairs. Those of our kind saved their lives before taking to the wilds."

Foskatt spoke for the first time. "Only just, Elder. It was only because the Demons fought among themselves that they escaped. These Demons are neither sick nor fighting among themselves. If they come in strength, how long will it be before they hunt us again?"

A sharp growl arose among the tribes, ears flattened and tails lashed. The warriors rose, their claws ready for battle...