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The Bright Phoenix

Written By:Harold Mead - 1956

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BRIGHT PHOENIX is the story of a "perfect" State, founded on worship of the spirit of Man and dedicated to the mission of resettling the devastated areas of the world. Officers, Workers, Colonists—everyone believed in the State.

Everyone but one man. This is his story—of the Colony he led to the Island... of the primitive race he found there... and of the desperate plan to escape from a Utopia that had become a living hell.

John Waterville
was an explorer, part of the Leader Group for the new Colony. Every member of the party—Officers, Colonists, Reconditioneds—had been carefully selected and trained for survival on the Island. But the State had overlooked once fact:

The Island was already inhabited.

Deep in the forests lived a primitive race who worshipped savage gods—and who would not surrender their land.

In the fierce conflict that developed, Waterville saw two things: that the Islanders were a free people fighting for survival, that the Colonists were arrogant slaves of a despotic State.


1951 The Day of the Triffids
1953 Childhood's End
1956 The Bright Phoenix

"Richness of texture, really skillful and sympathetic writing and a talent for poignancy make Mr. Mead's novel very good weight for your money." The New Statesman and Nation

The Bright Phoenix
is a superb story of adventure—but more than that, it depicts the age-old conflict between ethics and expediency, between what men want and what they want to be.