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Buck Rogers

That Man On Beta

Written By:Addison E Steele - 1979

  • That Man On Beta - Addison E Steele cover


Universal's all-new space extravaganza!

Kidnapped on a warrior-asteroid! Only his escape can prevent intergalactic holocaust...

Join the Greatest of All Space Warriors on the Most Incredible Quest of His Star-Crossed Career...

—through the terrifying wilds of Anarchia, ruins of twenty-fifth-century Earth, on an impassioned search for his own descendants!

—to the desolate remains of the Great Salt Lake, where ancient secrets are held... and the power-mad Kane crouches in ambush!

—to the asteroid Beta—where Theo, Buck's trusted compuvisor, is prisoner of the Draconians, who have hatched a scheme to conquer the Universe!

—to the sin-filled supercity of Villus, where man's every sensual wish is an android's command... and the voluptous Princess Ardala has big plans for Buck!

—to the rescue-ship of Wilma Deering and a spectacular chase through star warp, on an escape mission like none Buck had ever seen... not, that is, until he became... Buck Rogers That Man on Beta



The Draconian fleet was on the run.

"Okay, Colonel Deering, let's all zero in on that Draconian D-III lead ship and blast it out of the universe."

Wilma checked her power sensor. "I'm not getting a power reading from that ship, Al. What's going on?"

"They're playing possum. Let's blast 'em."

"All right, Al. Let's coordinate. All ships ready to fire..."

Al's voice returned, crackling over the headset. "All right, fire on three. One..."

Suddenly, Wilma's light-beam tracking signal came to life. The tiny yellow bulb started blinking on and off like a warning star.

Al's voice again: "Two..."

"Stop," Wilma commanded abruptly, the color draining from her face as the control slipped from her voice. "Al—don't fire!"

"Hold fire," Al commanded the rest of the fleet. "What is it, Colonel? What's wrong?"

"Al, you won't believe this." Wilma swallowed hard. "But I think Buck Rogers is on that ship!"




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