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Buck Rogers

Warlords of Jupiter

Written By:William H Keith - 1993

  • Warlords of Jupiter - William H Keith cover


Seeking clues to the origin of the Device, an enigmatic, apparently alien artifact found and lost again by RAM years ago, Vince Pirelli and his team journey to Amalthea, innermost of the human colonies circling the vast, storm-racked globe of Jupiter. From there, Vince and the Terrine Kaiten must travel on to Jupiter itself, to a mysterious living city adrift in the clouds and inhabited by the winged giants known as Stormriders.

In Amalthea, meanwhile, Jovanna Trask and the Tinker Galen encounter the advance scouts of a strange invasion. Soon they find themselves confronting a storm that threatens to engulf the entire Solar System, a deadly invasion from the dark void beyond the Inner System that forces enemies to become allies and threatens all of humanity with extinction!

Set in the exciting world of the 25th century, Warlords of Jupiter is the thrilling conclusion to the Invaders of Charon series.




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