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Buck Rogers

Warrior's Blood

Written By:Richard S McEnroe - 1981

  • Warrior's Blood - Richard S McEnroe cover


Sequel to Armageddon 2419 AD, the original "Buck Rogers" novel

After three years of deceptive peace the fledgling civilization of mankind is threatened once again by its resurrected Han conquerors and the devastating military might of the fierce, alien Prl'lu warriors who have lain hidden among humanity since before the dawn of recorded history. Bad enough, to be sure, but Marshal Anthony Rogers, leader of the provisional human government, has other problems as well, not least among them political turmoil within the shaky system he holds together with little more than his own will, and the fate of the beautiful Han woman he loves, the Princess Lu-An.

Rogers can defend humanity against the Han and Prl'lu. He can maintain the fragile balance of power within his government. And he can save Lu-An from the witch-hunters who see her as a symbol of all they have hated for three hundred years. But he can't do all three...


Mordred's Revenge

—Silber banked away from the broaching leviathan, diving desperately out of its path. Kendy looked up just as a pale blue ghost of radiance flickered out from a nacelle atop the Han dreadnought. Silber disappeared like so much dust in a gale. The stern of the airship pulled free of the ocean in a rush of foam and torn netting and Kendy's skiff was drawn into its place. White water rushed over the ruined decks and Kendy felt his grip on the useless tiller being torn away...

Three years after the bloody Peruvian Recurrence the legions of the Han are marching against humanity once again. In their preserving crypts within the earth and hidden in the depths of space the savage Prl'lu await the command to awaken and subjugate mankind once and for always. Marshal Anthony Rogers sees this threat and stands against it—but does mankind stand with him?




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