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Buck Rogers

Warrior's World

Written By:Richard S McEnroe - 1981

  • Warrior's World - Richard S McEnroe cover


Armageddon 2419 AD—The Sage Continues!

Humanity Crushed

In trying to save the Earth, Anthony Rogers may have doomed it. His desperate assault upon the alien Prl'lu lunar base has awakened the hidden Prl'lu legions left in suspended animation beneath the soilof the ravaged planet—and the nightmare begins again as they resume a plan of conquest shaped before the dawn of human history...


Hopper knew he was going to die.

He had only twelve aircraft left, and most of those had expended much of their ordnance. The Prl'lu had twice that many parent ships; he'd lost count of the smaller fighting craft and transports that were dropping down toward him. If they flew into that hornet's nest, they'd never get out again. But they had to.

He opened his mike. "Hopper to all ships. Forget the big ones up top. Forget the fighters. Go for the transports. They're the ones that'll give our people the most trouble."

An instant later he was among them.




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