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Burning Books on Fenwick Street

Written By:Lee Dravis - 2003

  • Burning Books on Fenwick Street - Lee Dravis cover


Under terrorist attack, wracked with racial strife, foreign wars, and a busted economy, America elects a new chief executive. Conservative Christian Matthew Winslow Dobbs captures the presidency on a platform of patriotism and faith. Implementing God’s revealed plan, and in the name of homeland security, Dobbs proposes a single constitutional amendment. Soon, suburbanite John Kolzig finds himself living in an America he hardly recognizes, where the Ten Commandments override the Bill of Rights. Charlie Flynn, the block deacon, patrols John’s neighborhood reporting foreigners, liberals, and other sinners. Kolzig’s church attendance is recorded, the cable TV knows when he’s home, his e-mail is monitored, and they’re burning Shakespeare in the church parking lot. John seeks refuge in the local speakeasy, drinking homebrew, embittered and lonely, until he falls helplessly in love. But sleeping with someone else’s wife is a felony now, and John Kolzig just crossed that line.