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Burnt Lands

Written By:Richard Elliott / Richard E Geis - 1985

  • Burnt Lands - Richard Elliott / Richard E Geis cover


The morning after the apocalypse. The desperate few struggle for what's left of a shattered world.


A star wars weapon has gone out of control, unleashing a solar flame that destroys half the earth.

In the burnt lands of Europe, few survive, and those that do must struggle for food and shelter. The rich and powerful&mash;those with money and those with guns—battle one another to control the charred remains of their countries.

The United States stands strong—until the forces of terror strike at its leadership.

One special man can pull a dying world back from the brink of total catastrophe in the final struggle for survival of the fittest... and most savage.

Billions of people had died on the irradiated, daylight side of Earth. And, after the one-hour flare, millions more had died from the devastating super-hurricanes, enormous tides, and searing, continent-eating firestorms. The survivors of these disasters now faced starvation and erratic, killing weather for decades to come.

John Norris, global troubleshooter, had frustrated the precise plans of a fanatic group of scientists two months ago. Now he was destined to deal with another power-seeking band of extremists... THE BURNT LANDS