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Tech Strike Force

Written By:John Sievert - 1987

  • Tech Strike Force - John Sievert cover


They are the high-tech soldiers of tomorrow fighting for America's survival!

America's Defenders

Hidden deep within Okefenokee's sprawling wilderness of murky creeks and fetid swampland lies Refuge Island—command outpost for the soldiers of C.A.D.S. From this secret base, the small but powerful force of U.S. commandos, who wear seven-foot-high Computerized Attack/Defense System suits that make them as deadly as high-tech tanks, strike fast and hard at the Soviet Army's tenacious toehold on America's eastern shores.

American Avengers

After Russia's devastating nuclear first strike, C.A.D.S. has become America's last line of defense—the only obstacle standing between the invading Soviet Army and victory. And when C.A.D.S. leader Colonel Dean Sturgis gets word from the wartime White House in White Sands, New Mexico, that an American turncoat is about to betray ultra-sensitive techno-secrets to the Reds—secrets that in enemy hands would spell doom for C.A.D.S warriors—his mission is clear. The archtraitor and his laser-equipped army of renegades must be found and smashed. The men of C.A.D.S. must survive—because in their survival lies the survival of a free nation!


Killer-beam Death

Sturgis saw O'Reilly cut in half by the red lightbeam. Jesus, he'd never seen anything lke it! A tank that flew—with a laser killer-beam!

The tank banked and came back for another strafe. Sturgis and a half-dozen of his men took aim and fired a stream of ammunition, but shells and bullets bounced harmlessly off the tank's hull. Grenades and Liquid-Plastic Fire did no damage, either. The damn thing was near invulnerable!

"Take cover!" Sturgis hollered over the radio.

But the tank's gunports had already opened, and with a thunderous boom. shells rained from the sky, scoring direct hits on two men, blowing them into tiny fragements...




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