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Written By:Anthology - 1981

  • Catastrophes! - Anthology cover


The devastating, pathetic, terrifying cataclysms that await us—imagination without end...

You Are Invited To Attend the End of the World

The end could be many things, could take many forms. There are many ways between the whimper and the bang...

In a crystal moment that is at once devastation and creation, you may feel the hands of the Creator. Or his creations...

Or star that cannot shine forever. Its death may come in a lazing inferno. Or a pitful flicker...

One small, defenseless planet at the mercy of indomitable natural forces. And its own destructive inhabitants...

The admirable, pitful victims of nature—to survive their own death-wish only to find themselves at the mercy of the other life forms more intelligent. Or less...


20 Visions of annihilation by science fiction's most exciting, frightening, and perhaps prophetic authors.


THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL was quite casual about the whole thing. "It's a settled matter. There's nothing to be dome about it. The Day of Resurrection is due." Then he smiled... —"The Last Trump"

"I'VE HEARD ABOUT your store from friends," Mr. Wayne said.

"Then you know my price," Tompkins said. "Have you brought it?"

"Yes," said Mr. Wayne. "All my worldly goods. But first I want to ask... they told me that whatever I wished for—whatever I wanted—no matter—"

"Exactly," said Mr. Tompkins. "The thing could work no other way. Your mind chooses and is guided by desire. Your deepest desire is the only thing that counts..." —"The Store of the Worlds"

SHE WAS TROUBLED beyond consolation. For the first time in many reborn lifetimes, she felt pain. A silver of glass driven into her memories... the moment when she had rejected one who had loved her... and when he had gone, she had asked for sleep, and they had given it to her... only to bring her to life once again, all too soon. In her jar, she wept... —"The Wine Has Been Left Open Too Long and the Memory Has Gone Flat"