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Cemetary World

Written By:Clifford D. Simak - 1975

  • Cemetary World - Clifford D. Simak cover


Ten thousand years in the future, Earth has become the graveyard to a galaxy. Mile after mile of tombstones and landscaped gardens have gradually replaced the ravages of total war. Newly arrived on this weird planet is artist Fletcher Carson with his 'compositor' Bronco, a mobile machine for creating art. Accompanying them are Elmer, an ancient robot friend, and Cynthia sing, a treasure seeker with a bizarre mission. They quickly find they are very far from welcome—shadowed by ghosts and hunted by metal wolves...



The noise was much closer now, it was no kind of noise I had ever heard before. It sounded as if something was tearing the very woods apart. There were popping sounds and the shriek of tortured wood. The ground seemed to be vibrating as if something very heavy was striking it repeated hammer blows.

I looked around. Cynthia was up on Bronco, and Bronco was dancing away from the fire out into the dark, not running yet, but staying limber and ready to run at a second's notice.

The noise was almost upon us, shrieking and deafening, and the very ground was howling. I leaped to one side and crouched to run and would have ran, I suppose, except I did not know where to run, and in that instant I saw the great bulk of whatever it was up on the ridge above us, a huge dark mass that blotted out the stars. The trees were shaking wildly and crashing down to earth, overridden and smashed by the black mass that charged along the ridgetop...